We offer a full range of investment product that seeks to adapt to the market realities.

Our methodologies go beyond traditional strategies, however, we are not a hedge fund. By adjusting our asset allocation actively, we seek to capitalize on the classes riskier assets during a bull market and protect us with a combination of liquidity and safe asset classes during a bear market.

Our strategies seek to adapt to economic changes and we are constantly in search of absolute return.

Each component of our strategy is managed actively and tactically. We apply a top-down approach for the allocation of various asset classes and we use a quantitative approach combined with technical analysis for the selection of individual securities.

In the most difficult times, we always have a pre-prepared plan of action. The plan involves a reduction in the volatility of the portfolio and, if necessary, we use protection products to better protect portfolios and even take advantage of market downturns.

This hybrid approach allows us to adapt continuously to the market reality which is in constant evolution.

We are mainly remunerated with fees and our compensation is directly linked to the success of the portfolio, making us your financial success and partners. Other fee structures are available according to our customer’s needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our investment strategies.



20 November 2020

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6 November 2020

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30 October 2020

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