Pratte Portfolio Management is an independent portfolio management firm based in Gatineau, offering portfolio management services with an absolute return objective.

We are passionate about finance and the stock market. We have an entrepreneurial nature and independent philosophy, our firm is our pride. Our opinions are unique and proprietary and we offer financial simplicity.

We have the knowledge, the tools at the cutting edge of technology and a powerful experience to establish investment strategies seeking to continually adapt to market conditions and realities.

Pratte Management portfolio offers:

  • Exclusive investment strategies that differ from conventional approaches. Full transparency, allowing you to see everything that you hold and what you are paying for your portfolio management services.
  • Portfolio managers who each have their own area of expertise. Investment strategies and recommendations continuously adapting to market conditions and realities.
  • A firm at the cutting edge of technology seeking to innovate and a team dedicated to your interests.

You will also have access to:

  • Wealth management solutions harmonized with your situation and able to evolve with you and your changing financial situation.
  • A customized protection plan for you, your loved ones and your financial well-being taking into consideration all aspects of your situation, your needs and your goals.

Our role is to support you in your decisions and your choices. Our independent culture ensures the integrity of our recommendations. We consider all aspects of your financial situation to develop sophisticated strategies, innovative and scalable, tailored to the most complex financial needs.

Our Team

  • Raymond Pratte, CFP, CIM

    Vice-President executive, chief compliance officer and portfolio management

    In the field for over 25 years, Raymond holds the designation of Canadian Financial Planner (CFP) and the title of Certified Portfolio Manager (CIM).

    Raymond teams with you in order to plan your future and increase your overall wealth. He takes time to have a thorough understanding of your needs and goals. He oversees the various stages of the plan, from the implementation of the financial strategy to co-management of portfolios of each of our mandates. He leads the team in ensuring that you receive the best expertise in every aspect of your financial situation.

    Raymond is the father of 4 children and a loving grandfather. He loves nature and is a great athlete. Among other things, he practices sailing, walking, cycling and skiing.

  • Philippe Pratte, CIM

    President, chief investment officer and portfolio manager

    As portfolio manager and chief investment officer, he has the responsibility to provide the team of Pratte with financial analysis, top-down quantitative and technical on various financial markets and sectors.

    He is able to analyze the risks, to identify the major trends, detect changes of direction and themes of the various financial markets.

    He is responsible in guiding Pratte portfolio management’s investment committee and he is also responsible for the construction and daily supervision of all client portfolios and Pratte’s mandates.

    He cultivates the investment culture of Pratte, which is to adapt to the reality of the market in a continuous way. This means, to be tactical, track market trends, to be flexible to changes and not to remain invested in a bear market.

    He is able to help you build an investment portfolio that can grow and evolve with you.

    Philippe is a father of three and devoted husband. He is passionate about skiing, sailing and the financial world.

  • Marie-Josée Lessard

    Assistant to the portfolio manager and client relationship manager

    Marie-Josée successfully completed her Securities courses in January 2012. Since 2015, she is assistant to the portfolio manager and client relationship manager.

    Initially a client with us, Marie-Josée joined the team in 1998 as a receptionist. Having a cheerful personality, she advocates teamwork in order to give you the professional service you deserve. Her attention to detail and work well done makes her effective when preparing your file, in customer meetings and doing appropriate follow-up.

    Graduated in Arts, with concentration in French at Ottawa University, Marie-Josée began in financial services at the Caisse Populaire de Pointe-Gatineau. She likes to use her knowledge when writing and correcting texts as well as ensuring language quality in our monthly emails.

    In her spare time, this hockey fan and animal lover likes reading a good novel, playing video games and making jewelry.

  • Brigitte Poulin

    Administrative director of Pratte and client relationship manager

    Brigitte followed a dynamic career path and became Associate Investment Advisor in 2012. Since 2015, she is administrative director of Pratte and client relationship manager.

    She joined the team in November 2007 after more than 15 years in the banking industry. Her experience in customer service makes her a concerned person for your needs. She makes sure that your file is managed effectively with your objectives as a priority. If you have a question, Brigitte will answer it quickly . She loves doing research in order to provide the team and clients with required information. You can always count on her smile and patience when you need her.

    Originally from Abitibi region and holding a college degree in business administration and finance, this mother of two children loves dance and hockey.

  • Sophie Pilon

    Communications and social medias

    Sophie holds a college degree in Public Relations, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and several social media courses with BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology). After more than 10 years employment at the federal government, Sophie became a social media consultant for Pratte Portfolio Management in 2016 before becoming a full member of the team in 2017.

    Sophie is responsible for our different social network platforms such as (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) and also writes our weekly blogs. Her main objective is to help you better understand what is happening in the economic world by sharing financial news through the use of our various social networks and the weekly blog.

    Sophie is a mother of three children. In her spare time, she practises yoga, skiing, cycling and running.

  • Isabelle Rodrigue

    Adjointe administrative et support client

    Isabelle is a student at the Université du Québec en Outaouais in order to obtain her accounting degree. Since her youth, she has developed an interest in finance and entrepreneurship. She aspires to obtain her Chartered Professional Accountant designation and also the accreditation from the Institut québécois de planification financière.

    By becoming part of the Pratte portfolio management team, this attentive student aspires to perfect her knowledge in a field related to her studies. She will act as a support to the customer relations department while performing administrative functions.

    In her spare time, this former soccer player enjoys training to run half marathons and she loves to spend time with her family.



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