December 28th, 2018

Our 5 Best Publications of 2018


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For this blog, we decided to offer you some articles in which our president and portfolio manager Philippe Pratte, has participated in various media in 2018. Here are our top 5 publications of 2018.

Where to Invest in 2018

Our portfolio manager was chosen again this year to participate in the magazine l’Actualité: Where to invest in 2018? Four experts discuss the various global economic issues and also share their investment suggestions for the year 2018. 2017 witnessed an excellent performance of the financial markets. FANG shares (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) allowed the US stock market to reach new heights. “Techno stars will continue their “parade”, even if we have been predicting their downfall for years,” said Philippe Pratte, President of Pratte Portfolio Management.

The US economy has been experiencing solid growth for the past nine years, during economic cycles usually last eight. Also, the four experts invited by the magazines were all unanimous; no recession is in sight. “The signs that usually announce a slowdown, such as an increase in inflation and a significant increase in interest rates, are not yet visible on our radar, “said Philippe Pratte. A must read to get some insights on first-class investment suggestions.

Three ETFs to Invest in Emerging Markets

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can be a great investment, but you need to know and understand them. Our President and Portfolio Manager, Philippe Pratte, has been invited by the magazine Finance and Investment to discuss three ETFs for investing in the emerging markets universe. “When you approach a sector like emerging markets, says Philippe Pratte, it’s interesting to go in” momentum “mode with the best-performing stocks. When emerging markets return, it will be interesting to navigate with the most winning titles.”

First, he chose the MSCI Core Emerging Markets IMI Index ETF (XEC) that meets one of its prime selection criteria which are high liquidity. “I can have real organic volume, without the manufacturer making it a maneuver that creates a wider buyer\seller spread and delays the transaction.” To learn more about the three ETFs chosen by our portfolio manager, we suggest that you read the article by clicking on the link inserted in the title of this paragraph.

Stock market: the good moves of 2018 and stocks to watch in 2019

Our president and portfolio manager, Philippe Pratte, recently took part in an article in which he noted stocks that performed well in 2018 and those to watch in 2019. He also gave his opinion on several topics, including: cannabis sector and the cryptocurrency sector.

Regarding the market cycles, Philippe Pratte mentions that we will witness a slowdown in profits in 2019. In his opinion, the two major dangers currently are the trade war and a rapid rise in interest rates of the Federal Reserve (Fed) . “Markets are very sensitive today. We do not see a recession for 2019, but we should witness a slowdown. You have to start thinking about getting off your investments, “he shares. Here are the highlights of 2018 and stocks to watch in 2019, selected by our president and portfolio manager Philippe Pratte.

Content Marketing

Our company has been approached by the magazine to discuss content marketing in finance. As you know, this strategy is important to us and allows us to maintain proximity with our clients. “Customers do not need to tell us about their finances every week, so the content we produce keeps a connection, closeness to them. The relationship is more continuous,” explains Philippe Pratte, our president and portfolio manager. Our blog and our presence on social networks allow us to demonstrate our expertise while creating a close relationship with our audience and our customers.

Content marketing allows advisors to spread their expertise and become a reference in finance. However, the financial industry remains an uninspiring and often complex sector, thus posing a challenge for advisors seeking to differentiate themselves. The magazine has asked several key industry players to comment on the importance of content marketing in finance.


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